Insulated Glass

Is a combination of two or more panes of glass with a layer of inert gas namely argon or krypton in between them.

Advantages of Insulated Glass:

01.  Energy Conservation: The main advantage of insulated glass is that it helps in insulation by reducing heat gain and heat loss.

02.  Economy: As the temperature is maintained, the costs of air conditioning and heating the interiors are reduced.

03.  Sound Insulation: The inert gas present in between the two panes of glass does not allow noise to pass through and acts as a barrier between the interiors of the building and the noise that is present outside the building.

04.  Safety: It is difficult and takes a longer time to break an insulated glass unit in comparison to a single-pane window.

05.  Protection to Furnishing: As sunlight does not enter directly into the room,  this prevents fading of furnishing due to direct sunlight.

06.  Flexibility: It is not necessary that the glass panes in the insulated glass unit must be float glass.  Various types of glass such as tinted glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, heat strengthened glass, reflective glass, ceramic printed glass, patterned glass etc. can be assembled to make insulated glass unit as per the requirements. Also for more desired thermal insulation, triple glazed unit can be used which has three panes of glass separated by air filled cavities.  The air gap can be filled by stable gases such as Argon, Xenon and Krypton, which provide better thermal insulation too.

Glass Built In Blind

Built-in blinds—also called integrated blinds—can simplify your home maintenance and maximize its privacy. They help end the cleaning struggle. Built-in blinds sit inside the window, protected between two panes of glass.

Advantages of Insulated Glass:

01.  No Cleaning Required: While regular blinds need to be cleaned consistently because they collect dust and dirt, built in blinds stay clean due to their placement securely between windows.

02.  Light and Privacy Control:  Built-in between-the-glass blinds give you total control over your privacy and the amount of light that you allow in. Some styles of blinds can be tilted to let in a certain amount of light or pulled all the way up and out of the way for you to enjoy your views unobstructed.

03.  Don’t slam shut when the door is opened or closed: When you open and close the doors, the blinds stay neatly inside instead of flapping against the door and making noise. Free hanging blinds can also be easily damaged, but enclosed blinds stay safely tucked between the glass.

04.  Fewer Indoor Allergens: If you or your family members struggle with allergies, you’re going to love built-in blinds because they won’t collect dust like traditional blinds do.

05.  Safer for Kids and Pets: While traditional blinds can create safety hazards for kids, built-in blinds are free from cords. There simply aren’t places for your kids to get hurt on them, so they increase the safety of your home for both children and pets.

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